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RADIOLOGY  PRODUCTS-  Radiation Protection:

Lead Glass - RD50 ®  and RD30 ® X-Ray protection glass 

Ceiling suspended lead acrylic protection systems

for Angiography and interventional radiology.

Mobile Lead Barriers

Personal Protection - Lead aprons, Thyroid collars,

 Eye protection, Lead gloves  

Lead Apron Hangers

Standard Film Viewers    

 Thin (TFT LCD) Film Viewers,

Film viewers with shutters , mammography film viewers

Lead sheets, lead bricks and

Lead insulation services for X-ray rooms .

No Entry - Led illuminated Radiation Hazard signs      

Lead Shielded Syringe Carriers

Personal dosimeter - Area radiation monitor

Fast Find Grid -  Disposable,

Low cost grid for easy and accurate CT Biopsies







Hygolet  S2000 Electronic closet seat - Button or Sensor  operated



Hygolet M1000 (hand operated) Hygienic closet seat 



Sensor operated paper towel dispenser


DARMAN ® CRT (Cloth Roll Towels) for hand drying






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