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Pocket type, Electronic Personal Radiation Dosimeter  


Portable, pocket type electronic radiation dosimeter with alarm.

It can be used as a personal dosimeter for any application where a radiation source is present.

It measures radiation dose rate and accumulates the radiation dose from the time is powered on and displays the total dose. Alarm levels gor dose rate and dose can be adjusted.

- Easy to use

- With carrying case to hang it from the neck, and belt clip.

- Economic

Technical Specifications:

Detector: Geiger Muller (GM) detector sensitive to low and medium energy level gamma and x-rays.

Measurement Range:

Dose rate(Hp10) : 0.10 m Sv/h -100 mSv/h.


Dose : (Hp10) 0-999.99 Sv.
Dose period 0-9.999 min.

Total dose time: 0-9.999


0.01 mSv/h  dose rate

0.01 mSv/h  dose

Linearity: +/- 15%

Monitoring: audible sound for every GM quantum

Alarm: audible alarm at set dose value

Display : 2x8 digit LCD Display

Operation Temperature: 0 - 50 C

Battery: 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Dimensions: 112 mm x 65 mm x 23 mm

Weight : 146 g (with battery, without carrying case)


* Technical specifications are subject to change.






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