Target Elektronik Medikal Alet ve Malzemeleri Paz. Ltd. Şti.


Founded in 1993, by two Electrical Engineers, Target has entered the medical equipmnet sector by importing and selling automatic film processors from HOPE X-RAY(USA), audio video systems for MR, and selling ultarsonography systems in Turkey.

Through the years, the product and services portfolio has developed and changed according to customer and market requirements. Target has specialized and  continues  to provide radiation protection solutions for  radiology equipment and X-ray systems, ,including radiation protection lead glass, ceiling suspended protection systems for angiography, lead aprons as well as hygienic closet seats and solutions.

Our current product portfolio includes products from the leaders of each field like SCHOTT (Germany), MAVIG (Germany), Hygolet (Switzerland) as well locally produced special solutions according to customer's requirements. 













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