Automatic Hygienic Closet Seats 





Hygolet® S2000 Electronic Closet Seat 




Hygolet® M1000 Hygienic Closet Seat










Designed for providing the best hygiene solution for public toilets. Ideal for offices, restaurants, fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, exhibition centers. 





S2000 (button operated)

S2000S (sensor)

Electronic Closet Seat 


Please click below for video: 

S2000 video clipavi video clip


S2000 video detay








At the push of a button  the closet ring is automatically covered with a thin polyethylene film. 

hygolet® S2000 works with an adaptor or batteries.

S2000S can be operated with sensor.

Sold in more than 60 countries around the world, it has created a new standard in toilet hygiene.



The most reliable and long lasting systems available.









M1000 (mechanic)  hygienic closet seat

Pleas click below for video:

manuel M1000avi video

The cover is easily replaced by turning the handle on the right side



Easy installation and usage.

hygolet® can be easily adjusted to fit most of the closets.



To change the used roll, you unlock the cover with the red key ..



and replace the used roll with a new one.







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