Ceiling Suspended Lead Acrylic, protection system 



Mobile Lead Barriers 










Ceiling suspended x-ray protective systems from MAVIG   . The most effective way to reduce the risk of radiation on the doctor and assisting personnel in the Angiography or Interventional Radiology operation room.



Double arm (75/91cm) ceiling suspension system:

61x76cm lead acrylic protection window (0.5 mm Pb) with contour cutout. It can also be ordered with additional lead rubber strips attached on the lower side.

Lamp :Uniflex R96 50,000 Lux
















Radiation exposure to Examining Physician with Angiography/DSA Fluoroscopy Time 5h/week with DSA Series ***.

(The MAVIG protection system used in the measurement includes ceiling and lower body protection )

  Annual dosage  Annual dosage 
Measurement zone  Without protective system Using MAVIG protective system 
Eye lens  250 mSv* 5 mSv**
Upper arm  400 mSv* 8 mSv
Upper body with  0.25 mmPb lead apron  20 mSv 4.8 mSv
Upper body with 0.35 mmPb lead apron  10 mSv 3.8 mSv
Upper body with 0.5 mmPb lead apron  5 mSv 3.2 mSv
Hand 600 mSv * 15 mSv

* Exceeds Limits category A !

** 1 mSv = 0.10 rem 

*** 75th German Congress of Radiology."Most Recent Disclosures Concerning the Minimization of Radiation Exposure to the examining Physisician at Angiography Workplaces" Professor Hanfried Weigand, MD, Dr Heinrich Eder -



6269 Lower Body Protection

It absorbs radiation underneath the table and and shields the lower extremities and genital area of the examiner.


Lead strips height 90 cm, width 65 cm +17 cm 0.5mm Pb for the Angiography table.




MAVIG Mobile hegiht adjusted Lead Barriers

The lead arylic protective windows have a special mechanism that can move up and down and adjusted easily to stay at the required height.



WD257                                                             WD304



TARGET Mobile Lead barriers

Produced according to customer requirement specifications with 1.5 or 2.1 mm Pb lead glass and castors.






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