SLIM FILM VIEWER   - 34 mm thin CCFL technology- 


Standard sizes:

(447 x 514 mm)    one 35x43cm film

(804 x 514 mm)   two 35 x43 films 

(1164 x 514 mm) three 35 x43 films 

(1516 x 514 mm) four 35 x43 films 

 (Special for Mammography):

 (1164 x 343 mm) (24 x 30 cm x four films )


With CCFL lamps used in TFT - LCD laptops giving uniform light

6-8 years of light bulb life

"Flicker free" due to high frequence triggering and "bluish" light makes reading radiology films easier.

DC12 V  or 220V AC 

Dekorative design, 34 mm thickness.

Can be produced in special sizes.

Desktop or wall options






FILM VIEWER with Shutters

Illuminated area can be adjusted by use of the moving shutters for easier reading of the radiology films daha kolay inceleme yapma olanağı sağlar.

Also high frequency, electronic stepless light intensity and special mammography type illuminator options are available.





Standard Film Viewers.

Standard sizes:

12 x 42 x 51 cm   one (35x43cm film )

12 x 76 x 51 cm  two  ""

12 x 120 x 51 cm  three ""

12 x 150 x 51 cm four   ""





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