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Lead Aprons 

Radiation Protective Eyewear

Thyroid collars   

Hangers for Lead Aprons 


Gonad Protection








General Information :

User protection applies to scattered radiation! The monitoring experts should make sure that the users' trunk is practically not exposed to any direct reduced or unreduced active radiation. Mobile or stationary lead barriers must be used where necessary.


MAVIG X-Ray protective clothing has been approved by EU model examination and certification as per EU Guidelines. It fulfills all legal safety requirements. .

DIN EN 61331-3
CE: PSA 89/686/EWG
EN ISO 13485:2003

Comfort 660 front protection    Classic 636 Front and rear   Balance 631 Vest + Skirt

Various lead equivalences front 0.5mm Pb or 0.35mm Pb, rear 0.25 mmPb ,


Dr Goos

Lead free protective




Front protection                                                        All-round                         Vest + Skirt

0.5 mm Pb (+omuz 0.25mmPb                          0.5mm Pb /0.25 mm Pb                    0.5mm Pb /0.25 mm Pb 


Dental Apron

0.35 mm Pb




Specially produced aprons



Gonadal protection










     0.5 mm Pb                                         1.0 mm Pb                                          0.5 mm Pb

mini apron (men/women)                  men's gonadal protection             Oval gonadal protection

           30 x 30 cm                                        adult                                      small /med/large

           40 x 40 cm                                        child



Thyroid collar 










Dr Goos  thyroid protector                            Standard thyroid collar

                  0.5 mm Pb                                                   0.5 mm Pb

Leaded Eyewear

Imported  x-ray protection glasses







RSB 8 - Lead goggles                           Model 33 lead goggles

Panoramik                                             can be worn over prescription glasses

0.75 mm Pb + side protection                    , 0.75mm Pb protection


High protection level leaded glass



BF03SP Lead glass  (< 125gr)                                   BF03  Lead glass (< 107gr)

with side protection                                           front protection

  • modern design
  • higher protection
  • Schott RD50 1.5 mm Pb lead glass
  • 1mm Pb, side protection for scattered radiation




ROEHLER Hangers for Lead Aprons







Economic hanger   

size: L 123 x W 60 cm

height adjustabla from  147 cm to 185 cm.




Spare aluminum hangers (50 cm width).








Professional, Ergonomic, mobile hanger.

From 2 to 8 lead aprons.

for limited space 


M 7020 -for two aprons                                              M 7063 - with 6 hangers + rods for 3 leaded gloves


Some of the  models:

M 7020 - 2 hangers 

M 7030 - 3 hangers                                                                       

M 7040 - 4 hangers

M 7050 - 5 hangers

M 7060 - 6 hangers

M7063 -  6 hangers +  rods for 3 pair leaded gloves                

M7080 - 8 hangers

Chrome plated or stainless steel .


ROEHLER 702  - 708

Wall mounted lead apron hanger.

for 2 to 7 aprons.

  702 - 2 hangers     -    M707  7 hangers



mobile hangers.


Mavig mobile hangers for 5 or 10 lead aprons.








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